Kinkos Printing and other quick printing companies are good for a couple of things. They are quick, easy, and have locations near by. But they can lack in areas that matter more to others. Such as: Customer service, customization, print quality, and quantities.

We here at Imagelink are your friends, neighbors, partners. We work with you on specifically what your vision is for your print and work to ensure the finished product matches your expectations. Our paper quality and breadth of options outranks Kinkos. Their target market is the average Joe off the street. But you are not an average Joe. You want quality and people who know how to help you achieve your vision. We here at Imagelink are those people for you.

Also, at Kinkos and the other big-name companies they don’t offer trimming services or otherwise. Leaving this ugly white border around your finished print. That’s just unacceptable. At Imagelink adding bleed to your artwork and trimming the finished product are a part of your service.