What is offset printing?

Offset printing is the process of using metal ‘plates’, 4 different colored inks, and conventionally water to print a finished image onto the desired sheet of paper. Offset printing is used primarily because of its print quality and consistency as opposed to digital alternatives.

Here at Imagelink we use a machine that uses no water to put the final image onto our desired paper, meaning there is less waste and environmental damage than some of our other printing contemporaries.

Our press prints by creating 4 different color plates for a finished image, measuring out the exact inks needed for the job, and applying the ink by a V-system of rollers to create the finished image for the client.

An example of the excellent print quality we can produce here at Imagelink can be found here with a offset coloring sheet we printed for a past client. For this specific job the customer needed sharp edges on the letters and crisp colors on the little dots in the background.


If you have any more questions or want to strike a conversation up with us here at Imagelink please shoot us an email at sales@imagelink.net